Vendor Search & Evaluation

There are around 1000 e-Learning development companies worldwide. For organizations selecting the right vendor can be very confusing. There are various types of vendors that have specific advantages and disadvantages.

There are startups who can offer you a cost arbitrage and there are established vendors too who offer you high quality and scaled up service at a higher rate. Both have their set of advantages and disadvantages.

Startups, can provide you innovative solutions at low cost, but they cannot scale up in their existing infrastructure. They usually consist a team with 3-4 experienced and seasoned professionals, 3-4 resources with supervisory experience and 9-10 fresh resources. They can work at lowers costs because their operational costs are low. They are good for smaller projects, pilot projects and as a media production house.

Well established vendors have more resources, experts and huge infrastructure. These vendors are involved in research, development and capacity building exercises. They have the capacity to indulge into research & development, innovate services and implement large solutions. Due to these factors, they have high operational expenses. They are good for large projects, where risks are high.

And then there is a large range of Mid-Tier vendors who offer a balance between risk and budget. They have grown above a startup, established themselves, have an impressive list of clients and have created a niche in certain industries.

eLearning carnival experts can provide you opinion on various vendors, help you in developing your Vendor Selection Criteria and negotiate rates with vendors.

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